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Everything Love Is

A poignant, mysterious and unforgettable story of love, and of the happy endings we conceive for ourselves.



Wine at Breakfast – Free

Tue 26 April 2016 -

Thirty years ago today, in the early morning of April 26th 1986,, a nuclear reactor at Pripyat exploded. As the winds blew the fallout over the surrounding cities…and countries, the Soviet government stayed silent.

All The Words

Tue 30 June 2015 -

Thanks to the brilliant Hayley Webster, there’s a little literary festival you can go to from the comfort of your own garden/sofa,


Reviews for The Night Rainbow

“This is a book that demands something of the reader and gives much in return.” *****

“The picturesque setting of Southern France in the midst of a heat wave is almost hypnotic.” ****

“Pea and Margot are characters who stay with you, long after the last page is turned” *****

Beautiful, Magical, Haunting.


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The Naming of Parts – Language for Language’s Sake

May 2, 2016

*Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Whenever I see this abbreviation I want to add ‘Bol.’…

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The Naming of Parts – Language for Language’s Sake

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