Claire King


Everything Love Is

A poignant, mysterious and unforgettable story of love, and of the happy endings we conceive for ourselves.

“Wonderful … Unforgettably poignant. Lifeaffirming, loveaffirming, perfect” – Vanessa Gebbie,

“I loved everything about it. One of those books where you have to ration the ending – with beautiful, evocative sentences that float off the page and a story that’s modern and oh so moving” – Paul McVeigh

“This is a deeply moving, beautifully written story about happiness, memory and loss … Claire King’s writing is wise, graceful and a joy to read … It guides without leading; it persuades without explaining” – The Pool, Bedtime Book Club pick by Joanna Cannon

“Claire King has succeeded magnificently with her second novel Everything Love Is. It is a beautifully judged, intricately structured contemplation on memory, love, happiness and loss. An existential exploration of what it means to be human and how to live a contented life, it is, above all, an achingly poignant love story … Intelligent, sensitive and carefully plotted work” – Yorkshire Post

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Meet the Authors – Stroud Book Festival 2017

Sat 04 November 2017 - Stroud Subscription Rooms - The George Room

An opportunity to meet and chat to many of the authors all in one spot, and get signed copies of our books (perfect Christmas present ideas!)

Paperback Publication

Thu 18 May 2017 - In a bookshop near you

A shy kingfisher you might spot this spring…and some gratitude


Audio CD of Everything Love Is

The Audio edition of Everything Love Is is now available as a CD, or as an audio download.


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