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The Night Rainbow

“Once upon a time there was a little girl with no one to watch over her…”

“A beautiful and beguiling debut, perfect for reading groups.”

“Pea is a heroine you won’t forget.” Maggie O’Farrell

The Night Rainbow Paperback


Sainsbury’s Magazine Feature

Fri 04 July 2014 -

There’s a beautiful article in the August 2014 Sainsbury’s magazine looking at our life here in France, and talking about how we like to shop the local markets and the way we eat as a family. It includes three of our favourite recipes, all simple, economic and family friendly (as well as very tasty!)

Audio Book now available

Wed 26 March 2014 -

The Night Rainbow is now available as an audio book, read by the very talented Diane Piron-Gelman
It is available from Audible, which you can find directly on their site, or via Amazon.

If you don’t already have Audible membership, you can get The Night Rainbow for free when you sign up


Reviews coming in…

“This is a book that demands something of the reader and gives much in return.” *****

“The picturesque setting of Southern France in the midst of a heat wave is almost hypnotic.” ****

“Pea and Margot are characters who stay with you, long after the last page is turned” *****

Beautiful, Magical, Haunting.


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