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Posted on: September 1st, 2010 by Claire - 13 Comments

I was going to start this post like this:

“With the novel queries now out and about in London slushpiles, two months high, I am bracing myself for a lot of waiting and the inevitable rejections.”

But I just opened my email to find a very prompt request for the full manuscript from a wonderful agency. So whilst rejections are still inevitable, actually I’m feeling on top of the world today.

One mountain after another. Short of breath but the view is wonderful.

One mountain after another. Short of breath but the view is wonderful.

This on top of the news that my short story ‘La Cumparsita at Paris Charles de Gaulle’ has been shortlisted for the Seán Ó Faoláin short story competition 2010. I feel particularly thrilled about this after reading comments from the judge, Tania Hershman, who blogs here about how she went about judging the 849 entries, and what, for her, makes a short story work.

Also this month, my flash piece ‘Flesh & Blood‘ has been selected for publication in thirteen, the 52|250 quarterly collection.

September is starting wonderfully, with encouragement and recognition. However, real life beckons: I have one poorly daughter, house guests and tomorrow my two children are starting school, one for the very first time. So I shall put all of this motivation down here for now and set about healing, encouraging and feeding others. And tomorrow of course I shall email off that manuscript. Please wish it well!

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  1. Marisa Birns says:

    Yes, Claire. I do wish your MSS well, though the fact that the wonderful agency has requested it, is encouraging. Congrats!

    Hope your little one feels better very soon.

  2. That is such an exciting start to the month, Claire!

    Congratulations again for your story being shortlisted and best of luck with the submission.

  3. Alison Wells says:

    I like the tone and sentiment of this post. Wonderful things are happening to you this year and from our vantage point it seems so very probable that you are going to be published in the not too distant future – and well deserved. But real life always comes into play too and is equally important. Big days, big transition to school, I wish you so much success and happiness.

    • claire says:

      Thanks, Alison! You’re right about real life. Being mum has had to come above everything else over the last few days. And of course agents don’t want to hear about that, just as in any other business…
      Thanks for the lovely encouraging comments. I do so appreciate it!

  4. Mel says:

    Congratulations! Such a wonderful feeling!

  5. Sherri says:

    Many congratulations on all counts, Claire. I hope the month continues in the same vein for you.

  6. Many congratulations. A terrific start to September, Impressive to be shortlisted for the Seán Ó Faoláin short story competition with 849 entries. Good luck for the final and, of course, with your ms.

  7. We can’t go on meeting on shortlists like this 🙂 Fab news about the manuscript – the very best of luck with that!

  8. Wonderful news, all of it!! Congrats, Claire — love following your work!

  9. claire says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It’s such a pleasure to have your support and encouragement.

  10. Ken Allinson says:

    Claire…may I ask about the photo you use above (mountain view)? I would like to use it in an essay I am writing on architecture because it illustrates a point I want to make. Is it possible to let me have the source so that I can chase it up? Thx….Ken Allinson (Bath, England)

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