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Posted on: August 22nd, 2013 by Claire - 7 Comments

So, have you seen the amazing posters that have been calling out to train passengers as part of the marketing campaign for The Night Rainbow?

Well, as well as the ones that went up at railway stations, Bloomsbury also have two spares (I have the other one), and we thought that one of you lovely readers out there who have enjoyed Pea and Margot might like one, maybe to wallpaper a small room or cover a very large book. Those lovely people at Bloomsbury have kindly agreed to give their two away, by means of a game for those of you who have read The Night Rainbow.

Night Rainbow Poster

It’s simple to play, just leave a comment below with your favourite quote from The Night Rainbow. Or share it on twitter with the hashtag #NightRainbow. Then I’ll put all the names in a hat and get my daughters to pick out a name each.  And we’ll send you the poster.

And of course you can still play for fun, even if you can’t think of anything to do with a big purple poster the size of a person.

No really, they are. Here I am holding mine:

author not included(Author not included in prize).

UPDATE: August 28th

And the winners are…

I’ll be in touch to arrange your posters to be sent out!

7 Responses

  1. Coralie Evison says:

    We need to have goodness and flavour, I say. And colour and texture, says Margot. And love, I say.

  2. Janet Mckenzie says:

    A full fat moon makes white rings in the after-storm air. The black sky is shiny-fresh as though it had been rinsed and the stars are scrubbed bright.

  3. Erika says:

    Ah says Margot, that’s the kind of sadness you get when you’re happy.

  4. Tess Evershed says:

    You can’t eat naughtiness. I think about it, and she’s right. You don’t get naughty food

  5. Roger Tavistock says:

    A favourite quote is tricky. There are so many lovely malapropisms and charming linguistic quirks, I feel like a child in a sweet shop. I can’t decide!

    I find that the girls’ voices weave a continuous fabric, through which I get to see France, people, love, optimism and so on, with a whole new perspective. Picking an individual instance looses its effect within the whole.

    Anyway, I suppose the phrase that made me sit upright, think ‘gosh’, and relish something truly special to come, would have to be the opening one:

    “Maman’s belly is at the stove, her bottom squeezed up against the table where we are colouring. Her arm is stretched forwards, stirring tomato smells out of the pan and into our socks. She isn’t singing.”

    I might have to read it again, now. 🙂

  6. Pete says:

    ‘There are more than a thousand things in the world and one of them must make Maman happy.’

  7. Paulette says:

    how to choose….but I’m merging quotes together that are linked….

    I am surprised he knows any of my names but especially the one that belonged to Papa. Sometimes I am Peony to Maman, which is my English name. Papa said it in French, Pivoine, because he was born here. Both names mean the same thing….I don’t know why I have the same name as a flower, especially one that I have never seen. I am usually Pea. Pea is not a flower. It is a vegetable, actually.

    She used to call me Sweet Pea, which is a flower not a vegetable.

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