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Does Amazon block reviews from Twitter/Facebook followers?

Posted on: December 17th, 2015 by Claire - 3 Comments

Several authors have had complaints from readers recently that they have tried to leave reviews on amazon and not been allowed to do so.

The belief is that amazon is changing its review policy and if amazon can see (by authors/readers connecting their social media accounts such as facebook and twitter to their amazon account) that you are somehow connected, they will view the reviews as biased and will delete them.

Of course this seems like a crazy policy: readers like to connect to authors on social media and authors like to connect to them. Readers like to leave book reviews and authors LOVE that. Reviews help other people find our books. (Thank you readers).

And yet, many authors seem to have resolved their readers’ review issues by disconnecting their social media accounts from their amazon accounts.

I wrote to amazon to get clarity on their policy.

Here is their reply in full:

3 Responses

  1. tu says:

    Interesting — well done for following up. x

  2. Claire Morley says:

    I have had two reviews removed from my book, Tindog Tacloban, when Amazon were contacted by one of the reviewers, he was told it was because they thought he would be biased as he knew the author. He is a friend of mine on Facebook.
    How do Amazon think indie authors are going to promote their book if not through social media, and as they are the people then buying the book they will be the one’s leaving reviews!

  3. Annecdotist says:

    Thanks for checking this out, Claire, I’m sure lots of people will be reassured. I realise, on reading this, I probably wasn’t at risk anyway (!) as my Twitter and Amazon account aren’t connected, but I’m always ready to join in the collective paranoia.
    And yes, hurrah for reviewers!

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