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In here you’ll find archived posts pre-publication (from 2010) about writing, editing, seeking representation and so on. Then a flurry of excited posts, followed by posts about the road to publication and beyond.

There are also various tangential thoughts along the way.

The ten latest posts are here:

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We’re all antagonists now.

Are we all antagonists now, in someone else’s narrative? We don’t have to be.

Slow Reads

Slow Reads

Not infatuation, not companionable love, but a perfect kiss.

Smaller than I remember it.

Places are smaller than we remember them because we fill them with our lives. If you take that away the walls shrink back to house-shape again.

Five Hot Trends in 2017

The first person I see write, “Well, 2017, you’re not much better than 2016 are you?”…

You, me and Jilly C.

Two Tickets to hear Jilly Cooper speak on 17th November at 7pm with drinks, nibbles and bookish chat with prior to the event.

Back to Life

The day-job calls. The pull of the next novel is strong. My kids want me to take them swimming.

Hope, Id and Climax.

It’s Wednesday night, 27th July 2016. My second novel comes out tomorrow. It’s a book that I have put a huge amount of thought, effort and love into. I have tried to be delicate, tried to create something that will touch people without hurting them. When I had a pre-launch signing last week, and I signed copies for […]

Why are we letting ourselves down?

You’ve all seen it: The divisive, the shameful, the trolling, the finger pointing and the hatred… Why are letting ourselves down?