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Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Claire - No Comments

Love books but didn’t make it to Hay? Like to hear from authors but won’t make it to Edinburgh? What about Henley, Cambridge or Harrogate?


Sadly 2015 isn’t a literary festival year for me,  but why should being busy/not being able to afford the bus fare stop us?

Thanks to the brilliant Hayley Webster, there’s a little literary festival you can go to from the comfort of your own garden/sofa, with authors like Antonia Honeywell and Amanda Jennings, photographer Nick Stone and Filmwriter Devika Ponnambalam. So pull up a deck chair and Click here to enter.

Then, if you fancy a bit of discussion, tonight we’ll be on twitter from about 6pm BST, talking all things literary.

Until a bit later on, when we’ll all be, like


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