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Notes from the Engine Room

Posted on: July 3rd, 2010 by admin - 2 Comments

Scotty here, or some other equally oily minion from the sweaty boiler room.

Hold on, I’ll wipe some of this anonygrease from my hands… onto some appropriate recepticle…  like my forehead.

There, now I’m slightly less unfit to touch The Mac.

A horrifying train wreck.  Horrifying, and yet strangely amusing.  Like George W Bush.


So.  It’s been a busy day hereabouts, I can tell you.  Lulled into a false sense of security by the ‘Click Here To Upgrade’ button that the Gremlins leave, all honeyed and innocent, to trap the gullible and foolish, Wifey (‘cuz that’s what we call The Boss hereabouts) Clicked There To Destroy Her Blog.

“I seem to have destroyed my blog…” she mentioned casually.  To the uninitiated, this might look like a conversational gambit.  A call to share similar blog-destroying stories around the still-glowing embers of her devastated site.  I know better.  It’s a Request To Repair.

“Have you a recent backup?” I ask.  Stupid.  Nieve.

Not only is it stupid, but also I shall no doubt be required to spell ‘naïeve’ later, when I write the whole thing up.  I hate spelling ‘naive’.  Especially with a greasy forehead.

To cut a long story short, a) because I’m getting Looks and b) because supper is ready, there wasn’t a backup – but all is fixed now.  Fixed and backed up.

To avoid the uncomfortable afternoon The Boss has had, cooking supper, keeping the kids out of my hair, all the stuff she was reduced to doing in order that I might get her baby fixed, I have taken the liberty of compiling some tips for you.  Now that its upgrade season and all.

Tip 1: Take back-ups of your site.  A lot.  ESPECIALLY take backups before doing something rash and foolhardy like trusting a ‘simple one-click upgrade’.  WordPress themselves tell you how to do that [ here ].

Tip 2: Having taken a backup, follow the instructions about upgrading your site [ here ].  In any event, disable all your plugins first.  By all means, then try the automatic update… be prepared, however, to try the manual one if it fails.

Tip 3: What with you having a backup, and all, if you end up with a dead site, you may well be able to resurrect it by applying a manual update over the failed site.

Tip 4: If all else fails, restore your previous version and go on a quest for knowledge in the WordPress Forums. (At the time of writing, the WordPress Forums are ‘temporarily unavailable’, according to the curt message.  You don’t think they… no… No, that would be too funny)

Right, I should go now.  There’s a clanking noise downstairs that makes me wonder if some sadberge has slipped into the peridontal atrium.  I ought to go and have a look.

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  1. claire says:

    Thank you, clever and sweaty boiler room man for fixing what I did break…

  2. Richard says:

    There are some really good plug-ins you should perhaps look at – there is one that I recommend to people that archives a copy of your database in a file and hides the content using .htaccess, and also emails you a copy of the database at the same time, and you can set the frequency of the backups as you like.

    Also there is another that backs up the wp-content folder and saves it as a zip.

    If you set the two to backup at the same time then you automate the process of backing up, as these are really the only two things you need.

    I have a nice host who I can ring who lets me get hold of his weekly backups if I ever mess up too much, so I’m pretty lucky!

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