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July is peachy

Posted on: July 5th, 2010 by Claire - 8 Comments

I love July, especially this July. The peaches are ripe on the trees and I’m having a flurry of writerly happiness.
In the roller-coaster of writing, months like this don’t happen very often. Here’s how July looks:

Thursday July 8th my flash fiction ‘Peach’ was published at Metazen here.
Wednesday July 14th my flash fiction ‘Peach 2’ is up at Metazen here, and an interview with me is featured on the Metazen blog here.
Saturday July 17th was the launch of the Bristol Prize Short Story Anthology Volume 3, featuring my short story ‘Wine at Breakfast’. I got to meet some fabulous short story writers, including the fabulous Sarah Salway and Tania Hershman. The lovely Valerie O’Riordan took a well deserved first place. Cheers all round! You can buy the book here.
Thursday 29th July my short story ‘The Gift’ was published in Writers’ Forum magazine, winning first prize in their short story competition. It got a wonderful review from Sue Moorcroft the head judge, which made my week.

My thanks to Metazen, Bristol Prize, and Writers’ Forum for making July an amazing month. Like the peaches, something this sweet can’t last, but I’m savouring it while the season is here. And maybe I’ll freeze some for the winter.

This is one of my favourite summer recipes, fragrant, succulent and boozy:
Peaches (however many per person, I use one and a half per person)
Lavender – a few sprigs
Lemon rind – two or three chunky strips
Dessert wine – about half a bottle for a 4 person serving

Peel the peaches and halve them. Arrange prettily in a bowl with everything else, chill for 8 hours or overnight. Eat.

I hope you like the stories and/or the pudding. Do let me know!

8 Responses

  1. Ooh congratulations on all the writerly goodness. What a brilliant month! Thanks for your comment on the ‘hurrah’ and ‘bah’. I had a similar email this week – which I’m sure will appear shortly in a similar blog post.

  2. Err . . . I just tried to read your story and flash fiction. I was going to comment that the links didn’t work and then I realised I have to wait! Bah! Really looking forward to having a read. 🙂

  3. Mary Clark says:

    I will wait for peaches to ripen here (Scotland), your later-in-July stories to be available, and keep enjoying raspberries as I marvel at your ability to get all of these things written & published when you’ve got a two year old who loves makeup in your house…

  4. Alison Wells says:

    All these things coming together…must mean you are doing something – lots of things – right. Continued success!

  5. Loved Peach and Peach 2. Just my kind of reading. Can’t wait to read the Bristol anthology.

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