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Versatility, Baby!

Posted on: May 26th, 2011 by Claire - 17 Comments

I love it when people say kind things about my blog. Recently Oscar Windsor-Smith said kind things, and then passed me a Versatile Blogger Award.

These things come with rules – tell your blog readers 7 things they probably don’t know about you, and pass on the award to seven more blogs that you appreciate. Righty-ho.

I have already posted a number of nuggets of mis-information over here, when awarded a Beautiful Blogger Award by Martha Williams, so have wracked my brain to think of new things you may consider interesting and I may consider (more or less) prudent. I’ve decided to include an untruth in this post: one of the following statements is made up. See if you can spot the lie.

1) I talk in my sleep. A lot. Apparently it is usually quite ‘creative’.

2) Twenty years ago I appeared on The Crystal Maze. Knock yourself out.

3) I often have dreams that someday soon Bloomsbury will call and tell me they re-read my manuscript and it’s all been a big mistake. When I wake up I have to go back and read all the saved enthusiastic emails from my editor to calm myself down.


4) I was once attacked by a hippo in Uganda. This is a mountain gorilla, not a hippo, because I didn’t take a photo of the hippo, you know because it was sort of…cross.

5) I invented The Rule of Jenga. This is a useful rule for travelling around France in a convertible, using a Michelin 1-50,000 scale map, to find wine regions to sleep in.

6) At university I represented my college at rugby. I played prop. I also represented my university at Modern Pentathlon. I was great at show jumping, very good at pistol shooting and fencing, highly average at running and an appalling swimmer. I am still an appalling swimmer (and am now a well below average runner). In fact I’m crap.

7) When I was 24 I moved to Ukraine to sell soap powder.


That’s all folks.

Now, here are some truly great blogs for you to go and have a look at:

Inky Girl aka Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who probably won’t do the posting seven things thing as she just posted about internet distractions…which in itself is a good reason to have a look!

Marcus Speh because versatile is what he does.

Vanessa Gebbie who was also awarded the Versatile Blogger by Oscar, but I wish to second it because her blogs are so good.

Jane Smith at How Publishing Really Works. Jane handles the debates that go on there with professionalism and aplomb…

Emma Darwin at This Itch of Writing for her straightforward, no-nonsense writing tips.

Nik Perring for interviews, commentary and now literary flash mobbing…another one nominated by Oscar but that just goes to show!

Joanne Harris This is not actually a blog but a website. And it’s a treasure trove.


17 Responses

  1. I absolutely remember you being on The Crystal Maze. Cementing your reputation as one of the cool kids at college 🙂

    • claire says:

      Ha! That’s funny, you’re probably one of two people who reads this blog that does! All so long ago!

  2. D.J.Kirkby says:

    This post made me giggle. I did it not so long ago myself but think your answers are much more interesting! I can’t even guess which one might be an untruth.

  3. Pete says:

    But you could write anything and it would be believable.

  4. Claire, what a truly amazing life – for one so young, too ;0) That ‘amazing’ was not intended to be a pun on your Crystal Maze puzzle success, but it fits so it stays.

    There are so many way-out things in your list that – given that your lie is not that six of your items are true – I’d say the lie is the mundane one that you talk a lot in your sleep.

    It’s rewarding to see that you include Vanessa and Nick in your own VB list. I feel almost disloyal for not having included Emma in my own list, but there are so many excellent blogs out there, aren’t there?

  5. Please let the Crytal Maze be true – knew I’d seen you somewhere before :). Actually I can’t bear any of them to be untrue.This post made me smile just when I needed it.

    Thanks, Claire 🙂

    • claire says:

      Thank you, Anne! Very glad I could give you a smile! Crystal Maze is most definitely true and they’re still repeating it even now!

  6. Charlie says:

    I was confused as to what the untruth might be, having plumped for “In fact I’m crap” which, in my opinion, is clearly not true. I was told that that is not IT and, it turns out, was in NO POSITION to argue.

    So I leveraged my priveldged position to find out what the answer is.

    My reaction, on finding out, was “Ohfercryingoutloud”.

    I’m just warning you all. I think it’s only fair.

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  8. Coralie says:

    1, 2, 3, 6, & 7 are definitely true… I suspect 5 is too… So that must leave 4?

  9. claire says:

    It’s sort of a colon joke. Not funny, I know.

  10. Coralie says:

    That’s cheating!

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