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De nachtelijke regenboog

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by Claire - 11 Comments

Yet another beautiful cover!

This time for the AW Bruna/Orlando Dutch edition of The Night Rainbow, which will be published in May 2013.


Als u vragen hebt over de Nederlandse editie kunt u contact opnemen met

Just to remind you, here are my UK and US book covers. We had a discussion with booksellers and Bloomsbury *here* about why they are so different.

11 Responses

  1. Congrats Claire – which cover do you like the best, so far?? Lane

    • Claire says:

      Thanks Lane! It’s really hard to say, they all have their high points. I love the children on the UK version, they’re perfect. I love the twirling girl on the USA version because it’s a wonderful glimpse into the character, and I think the starry background on this new one is stunning. I’m happy with every one!
      Which is yours, though?!

  2. I agree it’s a tough call. It’s nice to see a return to illustration on fiction jackets, and there seems to be a lot of it about, all of a sudden. The UK version _is_ lovely.

    Then the Dutch edition is very Little Prince – high company indeed!

    And yet as a piece of artwork the US cover is also really appealing, with its mysterious photograph and perfectly balanced typography.

    Basically they’ve all done you proud, Claire. I can see why you’re happy…

    • Claire says:

      Oh I’m so pleased you saw the Little Prince in the artwork. I thought that when I first saw the UK edition, and the Dutch one continues the theme. It’s wonderful to be mentioned in the same sentence as such a wonderful book – as you say, high company indeed!

  3. janetyjanet says:

    UK – it moves me most 🙂

  4. I like them all – but having had the privilege of reading the novel… the Uk one makes my heart go oops. x

  5. I like the UK one best – I know it will look gorgeous on my bookshelf, which makes me all the more excited to buy it! But I love the Dutch one, too. The stars are beautiful.

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