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Symbols and Ceremonies

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by Claire - 9 Comments

I’m planning a book launch. A proper, raise a glass, face to face, huggy, happy book launch. And here’s why.

Symbols and ceremonies see us through life. Through births and deaths, through graduations and marriages, through summer and winter solstices, through war and peacetime. We mark the anniversaries of events that have only the most personal significance as though they matter. Because we know that they do.

They mark a point in time when we recognise some step of our human endeavour, with the people who want to share that with us.

My first novel is about to be launched into a sea of books, an endless tide of literature from the beginning of history to far into the future. One book in millions. I  know my book and I are small fish in a great ocean. But for me this book marks a moment of triumph, of striving and hoping and of sheer good luck.

I really, really, want to celebrate that, and if you do too, you’re welcome to join me.

My launch will be held on Feb 13th 2013 in a beautiful bookshop in London. I’ll be signing books and there will be wine. If you’re a reader of this blog or a Twitter follower and would like an invitation, please do contact me.

I will also be doing an event in Yorkshire a couple of weeks later, with the lovely people at this independent bookshop in Ripon. Please get in touch if you’d like to see me there and when I’ve more details I will let you know.

If you’d like to be part of my book launch in some other way, then please do also get in touch.



I don’t know this man but I like his style.

9 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    i’m practising my air kissing and that funny ‘Moi’ noise people make at these kind of does 😉

  2. claire says:

    You’ll get on right well with my brother!

  3. Janetyjanet says:


  4. Caro A says:

    A book launch ‘Ceremony’ sounds delightful! I shall raise a ‘Symbolic’ glass of champagne to it’s success 😉

  5. Marcus Speh says:

    Well put, Claire, I like the sound of that. I’ve got a book launch too, in Berlin on 11 May…timing is such that I cannot be at yours (still teaching at that time) but I’ll be thinking of you and your triumph, and perhaps you’re up here in Berlin in May (2nd best time to be here after color-rich autumn) … about the more sombre parts of this launch affair which are also the heoric ones: I sometimes punish myself for too good a mood by walking into a modern book store (not 2nd hand, they’re totally different). Every time I am struck like you by the big-pondness of book publishing business and the small-fishness of my own endeavours: the stores look like bulimic bulwarks against any new book…thousands of recent arrivals sitting next to many more thousands that have already been there for months if not years, screaming: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU COULD SIMPLY STEAMROLL YOUR WAY INTO OUR MIDST USE YOUR FRESHMAN CHARM TO STEAL ATTENTION AWAY FROM US ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN MIND YOU UNBEARABLE GREENHORN? …or something to that effect…these books who come first surely have a point! And they’d even have a point if more of them were any good (this is the only sweetener, that sadly or necessarily, most of what gets published seems solely so-so but not oh-oh), because look at their sheer numbers! But as I’ve said elsewhere before and will say once more, anywhere, books that needed to be written, books that are good books not just because they’re well written (almost all books are these days) but because they’re relevant and heart-felt, will find their readers at all times under all circumstances. Time is infinite and as such it is the writer’s friend. Again, trumpet sounds to your little book, may the readers flock to it because I think it is going to be a winner for its own value. I’ve read the tea leaves on this you can trust me…from February 13, the night rainbow will glow in the Western sky.

    • Claire says:

      Dear Marcus and your lovely tea leaves. You are absolutely right. Having just been to the printers to see my little book take shape, I have experienced some kind of letting go epiphany, that allows me to give all my love tp the new thing I am writing. That feels right. I may well be in Berlin in May. It’s not impossible. I would love to see your dog have its day. xxx

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