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Posted on: June 2nd, 2013 by Claire - 10 Comments

Flash Mob 2013 is a hybrid competition/blog carnival to celebrate International Flash Fiction Day on June 22nd.

It is free to take part, all you need is a previously unpublished flash fiction (300 words or less) that you have written yourself, and a blog to put it on.

*21st JUNE: Update* The Flash Mob is now LIVE!

Go here to see all the amazing entries from around the world.

Here is my flash below.

The Face of God


He stumbles over the brow of a hill and into the jaws of a tempest. He hears their baying calls behind him and has no choice but to press on, pushing against the gale, through ears of corn bent low as though in prayer.

He slips through the gash in the cliff face, panting. In the embracing darkness his breath forms clouds, shape-shifting eerily, then dissipating where rain lashes at the mouth of the cave. All he can do now is wait.

Minutes pass.

Calm eventually settles, the roar and howl replaced by the creak of the grass stretching itself upright, and fat tears dripping from sodden boughs.

He peers out. The sky is a strange and perfect blue, but the weight of darkness is heavy on his skin. The thick scent of danger. The distant clamour of hooves.

He crouches in his den in the eye of the storm. He must lie low for now, he nose.

10 Responses

  1. Miriam Drori says:

    Thanks for telling me about this, Claire. I decided to try it, too. I like your story.

  2. Rachael Dunlop says:

    Oh, very nice. So atmospheric. I particularly like the calm, with the quieter sounds of the creaking grass and dropping water. And the foreshadowing that this is not the end of the crisis, because he is only in the ‘eye of the storm’ rather the than storm having passed altogether, is beautifully done.

  3. Love how you managed to parallel the homonym with the phenomenon. Enjoyed poking my nose into this piece!

  4. Great short piece in the mob, Claire. Love seeing what you came up with for this challenge!

    • claire says:

      Thanks, Michelle! It was fun to stick my face above the flash parapet! Look forward to reading all the others, it’s like having an unopened box of chocolates waiting for a calm evening!

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