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In here you’ll find archived posts pre-publication (from 2010) about writing, editing, seeking representation and so on. Then a flurry of excited posts, followed by posts about the road to publication and beyond.

There are also various tangential thoughts along the way.

The ten latest posts are here:

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An Early Present

It’s about the time of year people start worrying about Christmas. I know! I know it’s too early to talk about Christmas but it’s not too early to *think* about Christmas, apparently. And start worrying. And panic buying sprouts. And ham. Some people love Christmas and approach it with an enviable joy. I’m less enthusiastic, […]

A Solstice Story

Up in the woodlands that were silhouetted on the soft curve of the hills to the south, a roe deer raised her lovely face to the silver sliver of rising moon.

Tactics for writing

Writers are also sometimes afraid – I am sometimes afraid – so what can we do to combat fear and make our writing respond to our will?

Desired Things

For an author, having a ‘quiet’ publication means trying to smile through all the social situations where people ask you how many you’ve sold, whilst buckling down to write another in the hope of ‘better luck next time’.

A Table

If this table could speak it would tell you that it has heard arguments ranging from who gets a chair and who sits on the bench to the kind of words that break up families.

We’re all antagonists now.

Are we all antagonists now, in someone else’s narrative? We don’t have to be.

Slow Reads

Slow Reads

Not infatuation, not companionable love, but a perfect kiss.

Smaller than I remember it.

Places are smaller than we remember them because we fill them with our lives. If you take that away the walls shrink back to house-shape again.

Five Hot Trends in 2017

The first person I see write, “Well, 2017, you’re not much better than 2016 are you?”…