Claire King


Everything Love Is

A poignant, mysterious and unforgettable story of love, and of the happy endings we conceive for ourselves.

“Wonderful … Unforgettably poignant. Lifeaffirming, loveaffirming, perfect” – Vanessa Gebbie,

“I loved everything about it. One of those books where you have to ration the ending – with beautiful, evocative sentences that float off the page and a story that’s modern and oh so moving” – Paul McVeigh

“This is a deeply moving, beautifully written story about happiness, memory and loss … Claire King’s writing is wise, graceful and a joy to read … It guides without leading; it persuades without explaining” – The Pool, Bedtime Book Club pick by Joanna Cannon

“Claire King has succeeded magnificently with her second novel Everything Love Is. It is a beautifully judged, intricately structured contemplation on memory, love, happiness and loss. An existential exploration of what it means to be human and how to live a contented life, it is, above all, an achingly poignant love story … Intelligent, sensitive and carefully plotted work” – Yorkshire Post

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ISBN: 9781408868423

Everything Love Is  is now available in Hardback, Paperback,  eBook and Audio CD/download.

What Reviewers say:

5* (Kitty H. on NetGalley) – “The Night Rainbow was a hard act to follow, yet Claire King has created another deeply affecting novel…There is so much to say about this novel, but I don’t want to give anything away as it is utterly beautiful and very moving. It is essentially a love story, and an exploration of everything that love is…Be warned, this book should have tissues dispensed along with it and its effects will linger long after you finish the last page. Five stars don’t seem enough, highly recommended.”

4* (Margauxlicious on Goodreads) – “The title is very appropriate for the story. Initially, I thought it was a love story. Well, it kind of is. But not in a romantic way that I expected it to be. It is… what everything love is. Honestly, I was very confused while reading the first hundred pages. You know something is happening and you can’t fully grasp it yet. But you can feel it. You’re just waiting for it to blow up to your face. And there it was. Confusion vanished…And it is hard. It is heart-breaking. It is love.

5* (Paromijit on NetGalley) – “This is a heartbreaking and life affirming story that asks and engages with the deepest notions of what love is.”

5* (T. Upchurch on Goodreads) – “Exquisite family drama spanning several generations in southern France…an intriguing story of love and learning set against a backdrop of political unrest and changing seasons. Lots of delicious, sensual details — rich food, falling leaves, and the intimacies shared between friends and lovers. Gorgeous — poignant, uplifting, and worthy of the title. An excellent choice for book club discussions.”

5* (F.E.D. on NetGalley) – “This story is like a fairy tale, starting with a boy being born on a train. But fairy tales are not always exclusively about happiness, are they? … Everything Love Is is an impressive story about love, about ‘what happens when you let happiness slip out of your grasp and attach itself to something beyond your control, something so intoxicating that you ache to keep it although you know you cannot.'”

“…a very moving story, and exquisitely structured. In another life I think Claire King might have made a good magician…” (Van Demal) Read Van’s full review here. 

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Moored on his houseboat on the edge of Toulouse, Baptiste Molino helps other people navigate the waters of happiness whilst remaining careful never to make ripples of his own.

Unlike those who come to him for help, Baptiste is more concerned with his past than his future: particularly the mysterious circumstances of his birth and the identity of his birth mother whose only legacy to her orphaned son was a violin, a wooden statuette and a word inked into the skin of her arm.

However, between Sophie, the young waitress in his local bar who believes it’s time for Baptiste to rediscover passion, and his elegant and enigmatic new client Amandine Rousseau, this fragile status quo is now at risk.

When the rising tensions on the city streets cause his mysterious past to catch up with him, Baptiste finds himself torn between finally pursuing his own happiness and safeguarding that of the one he loves.Image0005 low res

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