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Reviews of Everything Love Is

Posted on: June 29th, 2016 by Claire -



I am very grateful to those who have read advance copies of Everything Love Is and have already started posting their reviews in preparation for the launch week at the end of July. Here are the links:

Van Demal “The title is perfect, though that’s a conclusion I come to having finished the book…the further into the story you get, the sharper and deeper the connotation becomes.”

Katherine Sunderland aka Bibliomaniac “King’s deliberate technique to make the reader feel like they aren’t fully grasping the unfolding of events, the chronology or how the pieces of the jigsaw fit together is effective”

Pam McIlroy “This is a magical, beautiful and incredibly poignant novel that I strongly recommend you add to your summer reading pile.”

Annette Thomson “I adored this book. Ms King’s prose is poetic and beautiful.”

For more reviews and to read a sample chapter, go to the book’s page here.


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